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A new post at last – on the Plantronics UC Blog…

Firstly, an apology: sorry that I haven’t posted for an eternity. Like many bloggers, I’ve been struggling with the challenge of keeping a blog up-to-date when other things are competing for your time – specifically family and work. So like many-a-blogger, I’ve been reduced to 140 character posts on unified communications over on my Twitter feed.

I’ve been planning to write a blog about user adoption of unified communications and how smartphones are raising the level of expectations around how user friendly UC solutions must be.  Karen Auby finally gave me the shove I needed to finish the post by asking me to guest blog on the Plantronics Unified Communications Blog (which, whilst I’m on the subject, has developed into a really interesting blog with a wide range of contributors).  I won’t re-post the whole thing over here, but I’d welcome your comments either here or there.

Hopefully this will be the push I need to post again on a more regular basis…

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