Xuber profile – a lesson in B2B rebranding

I found a really interesting profile by Victoria Clarke from B2B Marketing of Gareth Case, the Head of Marketing at Xchanging, covering the challenges that he experienced when rebranding Xuber, their commercial insurance business. In my view this was one of the most radical rebranding programs of 2012 and underlined the need for B2B marketeers to do something creative to differentiate their organisations when tackling this type of project. In a world in which we are all so heavily focused on content and key performance indicators, there is still a role for great creative in helping businesses to stand out in often conservative markets.

The article is here.


2 thoughts on “Xuber profile – a lesson in B2B rebranding

  1. Scot McKee says:

    Thanks David – ‘radical rebranding programs’ are what we do best 🙂 You may be interested to see the full carousel of images (and videos) of Birddog’s work on this project here: http://is.gd/TXml9y
    Scot McKee, MD, Birddog. @scotmckee

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